Cardiac Risk Prediction Array

Together with key opinion leaders in cardiovascular genetics, Randox has developed a rapid array which will allow all 19 SNPs to be genotyped simultaneously, which incorporates a test to identify patients predisposed to statin-induced myopathy. Firstly, a multiplex PCR reaction is performed, where the products amplified correspond to the genotype of the patient sample. The PCR products are then hybridised onto the Cardiac Risk Prediction biochip array and imaged using the Evidence Investigator analyser to identify which PCR products are present. Patient samples can be genotyped within one day.

Cardiac Risk Prediction Array Protocol



Response to statin treatment

A further important SNP which can predict response to particular statin therapies has been included in the array. Individuals who are homozygous (frequency =0.13) for the risk allele are 17 times more likely to suffer from statin-induced myopathy when treated with high doses of simvastatin. Identifying patients with a higher risk of suffering statin-induced myopathy would allow clinicians to make more informed decisions when prescribing lipid lowering therapies

Benefits of the Cardiac Risk Prediction Array


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