Transgene and Randox Sign Collaboration to Develop Innovative Multifunctional Oncolytic Virotherapies for Solid Tumors

Novel Oncolytic Virotherapies will be developed by Transgene, based on its next generation Invir.IOTM Platform and expressing Randox’ Single-domain Antibodies (SdAb)   Strasbourg (France) and Belfast (Northern Ireland), October 2, 2017, 5:45 p.m. CET – Transgene (Euronext Paris: TNG), a biotech company that designs and develops viral-based immunotherapies, and Randox, a global leader in in vitro … Continued

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chronic kidney disease ckd infographic

Infographic: Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), the world’s 18th leading cause of death, is a phrase that embraces the majority of renal conditions and is used to describe abnormal kidney function that occurs for a minimum period of 3 months.1 Randox Biosciences are continually researching and developing new tests, targeting various health concerns around the world to … Continued

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Arthritis Drug Effective Treatiment Rare Rheumatic Conditions

Arthritis Drug found Effective in Treating Rare Rheumatic Conditions

New research has revealed that a common drug, usually used for the treatment of arthritis, also has effective health benefits for treating other rare rheumatic conditions. Rheumatic conditions are autoimmune and inflammatory diseases that act against a person’s defence system by attacking healthy cells and tissues, causing immense pain and damage to the joints, muscles, … Continued

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randox biosciences alzheimers disease statins university southern california

Is there a link between Statins and Alzheimer’s disease?

Researchers at the University of Southern California have suggested that taking statins may substantially reduce a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Along with other types of dementia, Alzheimer’s has now replaced heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales1. In the UK alone, 8 million people take statins on a … Continued

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Familial Hypercholesterolemia FH Randox Biosciences British Study prevent heart attacks

Study suggests testing people at a young age for Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) could prevent 600 heart attacks per year

Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London carried out cholesterol and genetic tests on 10,000 children between the age of one and two years old to further investigate the severely under diagnosed condition, commonly known as FH. The disorder is not solely the result of an unhealthy lifestyle as those with the FH have … Continued

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Biochip blood test from Randox Biosciences detects dlevated risk for Alzheimer’s disease

Randox Biosciences Biochip Blood Test Detects Elevated Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers today unveiled results from a new blood test to help identify which patients are at an elevated risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The findings, presented at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Philadelphia, showed that the biochip test, which allows multiple tests to be run on one blood sample, was … Continued

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Upgraded Respiratory Multiplex Array helps reduce the risk of Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a rising concern globally and the serious implications of prescribing antibiotics incorrectly have been highlighted continuously by key health organisations such as the NHS and World Health Organisation (WHO). Today, it is estimated that in half of all cases, antibiotics are prescribed for conditions caused by viruses, where they do no good, … Continued

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Randox Biosciences Respiratory Array Antibiotic Resistance Bacterial Viral Infections


A simple swab test developed by UK scientists could help curb the antibiotic resistance pandemic. The test, developed by Randox Laboratories, which can rapidly detect and identify the cause of 21 respiratory infections in just 5 hours, can subsequently determine the appropriate antibiotic drug treatment for patients. Following the Lancet Infectious Diseases report last week … Continued

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