Clinical Chemistry Analysers

The RX series has been developed to meet the growing needs of clinical laboratory testing and educational establishments involved in the training of biomedical scientists, clinical chemistry laboratory training or therapeutic areas of research. Offering a comprehensive range of semi-automated and automated clinical chemistry analysers, this offers versatility and choice to suit the needs of all laboratory requirements.

The RX series is capable of catering for a variety of laboratory settings, from low to mid-volume testing through to 1 million tests per year. The RX Series is present in over 150 countries worldwide, and placed in a variety of settings from public hospitals to private clinical, research and veterinary laboratories. Renowned for its broad test menu, the RX series provides research students with an excellent range of assays which have been fully validated to run on the analysers.

Key Benefits of RX series

Use of robust hardware enabling automatic calculations of results, pre-dilution of samples, clot detection of samples, and detection of testing errors. Intuitive user friendly software on board prompting to enhance ease of use at all levels of experience for reliable and accurate results. These features reduce the chances of human error which ensures that costs are kept to a minimum as it reduces the need to re-run tests and the chance of patient misdiagnosis is decreased.

Optimising patient samples to maximize the number of tests that can be carried subsequently lowers the reagent requirement. Low consumable costs including water consumption, cuvette usage, wash solutions for cleaning the analyser and its components.

Most extensive dedicated test menu on the market
The RX series dedicated test menu covers over 100 disease markers; these reagents undergo a stringent validation process to guarantee performance and increase customer confidence in results. Test menu which covers clinical, veterinary, toxicology, protein and research.

Complete consolidation of routine and specialized testing onto one platform
Analysers enables a multitude of tests to be carried out on one single platform and therefore removes the need for separate machines such as a nephelometry system to run specific proteins

Network of highly trained technical support
Service engineers provide local service and support as well as Powerline the 24/7 instant access technical support.

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