Custom Assay Development

For over 30 years, Randox Biosciences has been providing custom assay design, development and manufacturing services to the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, contract research and biotech industries. This also includes fully customised human and animal quality control sera and calibrators.

Randox Biosciences expertise, highly specialised scientists and world-class ISO accreditated manufacturing facilities enables us to provide a service and product tailored to a specific research and development or clinical trial requirement.

Custom Build Process

Clients can select either individual or multiple analytes from the current A-Z Menu. We offer an impressive menu of over 320 clinical and research biomarkers including 70 toxicology drug assays.

Randox Biosciences dedicated custom unit can then design a novel singleplex or multiplex biochip tailored to each customer’s requirements taking into account sample types, available sample volumes and expected ranges for various analytes of interest.

Should your needs exceed those provided by one of our standard arrays, or if you are researching a particular set of analytes, we would encourage you to approach a Randox Biosciences representative with your specific requirements or email

Randox Biosciences assay development specialists will endeavour to work with you to ensure your needs are constantly met and provide a smooth process from the time of your first enquiry through to final delivery.


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