Evidence Investigator

The versatile analyser for immunoassay and DNA testing.evidence-investigator

The Evidence Investigator is a semi-automated Biochip Array Technology analyser with research and clinical applications. This compact bench-top analyser contains a charge coupled device (CCD) camera and uses unique images processing software to read test results.

The Evidence Investigator the most comprehensive test menu on the market with a full custom panel service available. The Evidence Investigator is user friendly and offers a high throughput, even as a semi-automated analyser


The most revolutionary immunoassay analyser in the world.Evidence

Evidence is the world’s first fully automated multiplex immunoassay analyser. The Evidence performs simultaneous quantitative detection of a wide test menu across the full Randox Pharma Sciences portfolio of biochip assays.

Evidence won the MacRobert award, the UK’s most prestigious award for innovation in engineering. (awarded by The Royal Academy of Engineering), who went on to note that Evidence ‘will make a significant contribution to society’.

The Randox Evidence analyser has demonstrated itself to be the preferred multiplexing platform for our particular needs (biomarker assays suitable for submission to regulatory agencies). The attention Randox give to quality control of kits etc means the platform stands out in terms of reproducibility, sensitivity and general confidence in data produced. At the moment, the Randox (Evidence) is the only multiplex platform we would be confident using to support larger clinical trials
AstraZeneca, UK

Evidence Evolution

Evidence Evolution

The Evidence Evolution sets new standards in diagnostic testing, bringing unrivalled quality and efficiency to deliver precise results quickly and economically. Offering batch analysis, STAT samples, true random access, the Evidence Evolution is a highly versatile analyser which can process any required workflow. The analyser can run 2640 test results per hour, with the first sample result reported in <36 minutes and up to 44 results reported every minute after.

With continuous sample and reagent loading, alongside automated on-board sample dilution and sample information entry, as well as a walk away time of 2 hours, the Evidence Evolution is a convenient solution for busy laboratories. Features such as automatic start-up and shut down, reflex testing capabilities and traceability of biochips and reagents, ensures the Evidence Evolution can be tailored to your laboratory needs. For the laboratory professional, the highly intuitive software, customisable user settings and easy to follow result screen ensures usability, allowing for fast and accurate operations with uncompromised quality.

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