The RX misano shines a new light on semi-automated clinical chemistry testing with increased auto-functionality and ground-breaking technology.

Revolutionising the RX series with its bold look, innovative design, and outstanding performance, it sets the benchmark for the next generation of RX series clinical chemistry analysers.

The RX misano has been developed with the user in mind by incorporating a responsive touch-screen display. The sleek ergonomic design boasts intuitive user-friendly software allowing for test menu personalisation for ease of use.

  • Widest test menu on the market
  • Test menu includes-Routine chemistry-Lipids-Diabetes-Electrolytes-Cardiac-Renal & Liver function, Coagulation, Veterinary and Food and Wine testing
  • Low maintenance requirements and one annual service carried out by the user removes cost of expensive engineer call outs
  • Analyse a wide range of analytes from as little as 5μl of sample
  • Space saving compact bench top design
  • Full traceability of data with storage capacity of up to one year

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