STI Multiplex Array

The Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Multiplex Array simultaneously detects 10 bacterial, viral and protozoan infections including primary, secondary and asymptomatic co-infections for a complete infection profile.

The assay is based on a combination of multiplex PCR and biochip array hybridisation. Innovative PCR priming technology permits high discrimination between multiple targets.

A unique primer set is designed for each target which will hybridise to a complementary oligo-nucleotide probe spotted on a biochip discrete test region (DTR). This combination of priming and spatially organised biochip array technology enables enhanced specificity of the assay. Analysis can be completed from template DNA through PCR to data readout in ~6 hours. The array is CE marked for routine clinical use.

The STI Multiplex Array detects 10 STIs in one sample


STI Multiplex Array Protocol


Benefits of the Randox STI Multiplex Array


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