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Is there a link between Statins and Alzheimer’s disease?

Researchers at the University of Southern California have suggested that taking statins may substantially reduce a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Along with other types of dementia, Alzheimer’s has now replaced heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales1. In the UK alone, 8 million people take statins on a … Continued

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Randox Biosciences World Alzheimer’s Day Month September 2016 ADI

World Alzheimer’s Day: 21st September 2016

September 2012 launched the first ever World Alzheimer’s Month; an initiative by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) who are an umbrella brand for over 80 global Alzheimer’s associations. Now in its fifth year, the organisation is continuing their aim to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and all other causes of dementia. World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated … Continued

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Biochip blood test from Randox Biosciences detects dlevated risk for Alzheimer’s disease

Randox Biosciences Biochip Blood Test Detects Elevated Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers today unveiled results from a new blood test to help identify which patients are at an elevated risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The findings, presented at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Philadelphia, showed that the biochip test, which allows multiple tests to be run on one blood sample, was … Continued

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