Randox Biosciences attend the Biochemistry in Practice Undergraduate Student Conference

Last week, our UK Sales Executive, Ashay Patel, took part in the Biochemistry in Practice Undergraduate Student Conference. Held at the beautiful campus of Keele University in Newcastle, UK, the event welcomes employers, students and graduates to meet and discuss their research, work and career opportunities.

As a global diagnostics company, we recognise the importance of attending these events to support students and graduates in the next steps of their career. With more than 1400 employees of 44 nationalities, including 300 research scientists and engineers, and offices in over 145 countries, we are continually reinvesting in our research and development to grow and achieve our aim of improving health worldwide. A significant investment of £161 million into the new state-of-the-art Randox Science Park, which has introduced 540 new jobs, will assist in accelerating our research capabilities, through the development of new products across a wide range of clinical needs on a global scale.

The Biochemistry in Practice Undergraduate Student Conference also provided students with the opportunity to showcase their third year projects and posters and we were delighted to sponsor two prizes for the winners!

One of our prize winners, Molly Pither, commented;

 “The Keele Biochemistry in Practice Student Conference was a great experience to be able to engage with other student’s research and to gain skills in presenting and communicating. I am delighted to have been awarded the best poster presentation and am so thankful for Randox Biosciences for awarding me the Amazon voucher.  Furthermore, it was fantastic to hear a talk from Ashay Patel from Randox and understand the many directions my degree can take me.”

Our second prize winner, Dennis Tran, also spoke highly of the event;

“I would like to warmly thank Randox Biosciences for sponsoring this event. This conference provided me the opportunity to refine my ability to communicate clearly and effectively to a variety of audiences. The experience today is an invaluable lesson to prepare me for the future professional scientific world. I would also want to express my utmost gratitude and indebtedness to my supervisor and teachers for everything they have done. Their guidance, teaching, concern and enthusiasm have always kept me motivated to improve myself not only as a student but also as a person.”

 Our Sales Executive, Ashay Patel, also had the pleasure of speaking with the runners up of our prizes, Gurveer Singh-Kaller, Ffion Hammond, Rhianne Kelleher and Jordan Bines, who happily and enthusiastically discussed their third year projects and posters. Ashay commented;

“This year’s event was bigger and better than the previous! It was a real pleasure to see the undergraduate students showing pride in their third year projects and posters. Many of these would not have been out of place at an international research conference. They all engaged well with the exhibitors and were very enthusiastic discussing different career routes and opportunities. It was great to see work carried out on our Rx Monza and Evidence Investigator on display, I cannot wait for next year’s event.”

It’s clear how much of a positive impact this conference introduces with the positive feedback Ashay received from all attendees. Have a read below to find out what our runners up had to say about the conference.

“I feel that the student conference was a good platform to showcase my work and discuss my findings and results with my peers, teaching staff and representatives from the industry. I think that there should be more encouragement for these events as it is imperative that a scientist is able present and defend their work as they have confidence in themselves, their ability and the quality of their work. I would like to thank Ashay from Randox Biosciences for his words of encouragement yesterday.” Gurveer Singh-Kaller

 “The conference was excellent! It provided a chance to talk to a wider audience about the work that we’ve been doing and to see some of the other projects people had been working on. On top of that, having a company like Randox Biosciences involved made the whole experience much more valuable, giving the chance to engage with people who are closely involved in the science industry across a wide range of technologies and applications. It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the networking and confidence boost it provided, as well as expanding my knowledge on potential career options I could take following my degree.” Rhianne Kelleher

 “I think events such as this undergraduate conference are essential for students to experience a professional environment before graduation. Having companies such as Randox Biosciences attend and promote such events is an invaluable opportunity for students to network and gain insights for future career prospects. It was extremely useful to be able to talk with someone in the industry opposed to academia, especially to hear their experiences and gain career advice. It is incredibly rewarding to gain recognition for my work.” Ffion Hammond

 “I enjoyed giving a 10 minute presentation as well as producing and defending a poster about my presentation at the Keele Biochemistry Undergraduate conference. As a university, Keele has a history and reputation of a progressive approach to education; this event delivers on that by giving students the opportunity to develop the communication skills required to start a successful scientific career. I would like to extend thanks to the staff at Keele involved in the successful conference as well as the representatives from Randox Biosciences, who gave students a chance to explore scientific career options.” Jordan Bines


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