British Science Week: 10th-19th March 2017

It’s British Science Week and here at Randox Biosciences, we are honoured to support this ten day celebration of all things science! As a global diagnostics company aiming to improve health worldwide, this is a significant campaign and one that resonates highly with us to celebrate science, as well as recognise those involved in advancing scientific discoveries worldwide.

Reinvesting in research and development has always been at the forefront of Randox. We commit up to 16% of our turnover to research and development each year and currently over 20% of the world’s major laboratories are using products developed by Randox.

In particular in 1992, our dedicated team created a concept that would transform laboratory testing forever; Biochip Array Technology (BAT). Fast forward 25 years and an investment of over £220 million, BAT has revolutionised the diagnostics industry by facilitating the detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample, reducing the amount of time and costs spent on individual tests, while providing a complete patient profile for rapid, accurate diagnosis.

This technology was engineered with versatility and variety in mind, empowering us to continually develop new tests for numerous health concerns worldwide. During British Science Week, we are delighted to introduce you to our latest development utilising this technology; our Gastropanel Array,* a multiplex test engineered to diagnose those at risk of developing peptic ulcers and gastric cancer using non-invasive methods.

Our Gastropanel Array encompasses two quantitative assays, a H. pylori assay  for the detection of antibodies produced in response to a H. pylori infection, a common cause of gastric cancer1 as well as a 3plex Gastropanel assay, for the detection of pepsinogen I (PGI), pepsinogen II (PGII) and gastrin 17 (G17).

Currently recorded as the world’s 5th most common cancer, the majority of gastric cancer cases are diagnosed after presenting as an emergency, when treatment may be less effective due to the cancer being at an advanced stage1, highlighting the need for the availability of diagnostics tests like our Gastropanel Array to enable practitioners to administer prompt treatment and ultimately increase survival rates on a global scale.

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1-World Cancer Research Fund

*for research use only