First UK Placement of Vivalytic – The Cartridge Based Molecular Analyser

First UK Placement of Vivalytic – The Cartridge Based Molecular Analyser


Randox Biosciences is delighted to install the first UK placement of the new Vivalytic Analyser into Nationwide Pathology, a UKAS accredited private pathology company based in the UK. Vivalytic is a cartridge-based analyser bringing innovation to the molecular diagnostics testing market.

Vivalytic will enable Nationwide Pathology to consolidate their laboratory workflow and expand the portfolio of Sexually Transmitted Infections detected. Randox developed the Sexual Health Panel to detect up to 10 STIs simultaneously determining the presence of co-infections. As a result, there is no need to run multiple time-consuming labour-intensive tests.

Sheryl Dunn, Managing Director Nationwide Pathology statedWe are committed to meeting our clients’ requirements and recognise that quality of service is paramount to our clients’ needs. We are delighted to be part of the new wave of molecular diagnostic testing. Implementing the Vivalytic system into our laboratory will consolidate our STI testing freeing up essential staff to carry out other duties.’

Biochip Technology developed by Randox Laboratories is the advanced multiplexing technology which is utilised within the cartridge aspect of the platform. The Biochip allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample.

The Vivalytic developed in collaboration with Bosch is the perfect fit for any laboratory with numerous benefits to enhance your laboratories testing capabilities.

Julie-Ann O’Hare, Director Randox Biosciences said ‘Randox biochip technology provides multiple results simultaneously from one patient sample. It has the potential to add real value to laboratories and healthcare professionals as they strive to meet the everyday needs of their patients’.

Lindsey Munnoch, UK Vivalytic Business Manager
Allen Huxley, Global Business Manager

Vivalytic Explained 

Vivalytic enables sample to answer, cartridge-based Molecular Diagnostic testing. The Vivalytic platform is capable of both Hi-Plex and Lo-Plex testing. Nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification followed by a suite of detection methods are combined in a truly revolutionary, fully automated platform. Manual preparation, cold chain reagents and the use of multiple devices are no longer required.

  • Ease of Use
  • Fully Automated
  • Fast Test Results
  • Hi-Plex & Lo-Plex Capabilities


Vivalytic Workflow 

Intuitive engineering of Vivalytic ensures the analyser is user friendly. The process of patient sample to result comprises a very simple 4 step workflow. To begin the test, the user scans or enters sample information. The cartridge code is then scanned into the embedded Vivalytic software. The user then adds sample into the dedicated cartridge slot, closes the lid and inserts the cartridge into the Vivalytic. The touchscreen display will countdown the time remaining to test completion. Results will be displayed on the screen. Multiple Vivalytics can be wirelessly connected allowing the user to control multiple tests at one time all reporting to a master Vivalytic platform.