World Kidney Day – Damage Detection Test for Chronic Kidney Disease

World Kidney Day is held annually on the 8th March, it is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a worldwide health crisis with 10% of the global population being affected.1 CKD is a progressive loss in kidney function over a period of months or years. It can exist on its own, or in combination of other long term conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or diseases that affect the blood vessels.2

The major risk with CKD is that of developing problems affecting the heart and blood vessels such as heart attacks and strokes. CKD is an economic and organisational concern, in this context, any medical intervention that may prevent the progression of CKD towards end-stage renal disease is extremely important. It is therefore, important that you spot CKD as early as possible to ensure the most effective and appropriate treatment is given.

At Randox Biosciences we are continually researching and developing new tests, targeting various health concerns around the world to improve diagnostics and health worldwide.

Recently, our dedicated scientists have developed a new test, utilising our proprietary Biochip Array Technology (BAT) that simultaneously and quantitatively detects multiple early biomarkers associated with kidney damage to allow earlier intervention for treatment, as well as the prevention of further kidney damage.

Following on from Randox biomarker discovery work, 11 biomarkers were chosen to produce two multiplex arrays termed as CKD Array I and II.

These CKD Arrays simultaneously and quantitatively detect multiple serum biomarkers of kidney damage-related analytes from a single sample.

The main features of the CKD Array are:

  • The arrays are a Quantitative multi-analyte testing platform, which simultaneously read a single patient sample.
  • The arrays are based on proprietary Biochip array technology which utilises ELISA assay methodology.
  • Only a small sample volume is required in comparison to running single-plex ELISAs for the 11 biomarkers.
  • Multi-analyte calibrators, controls and reagents are used and their manufacturing is fully traceable through our manufacturing sites in Donegal and Antrim.
  • Randox Biosciences offered biomarkers are patented.
  • A range of analysers are available to suit distinct end-user needs.


This World Kidney Day, we are urging the pubic to not only help raise awareness of kidney diseases but also educate themselves on the signs and symptoms to increase early diagnosis. As a global diagnostic company, Randox Biosciences are committed to the on-going development of diagnostic tests, as well as our research into numerous disease areas to improve health worldwide.

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1 – National Kidney Foundation

2 – Kidney Care UK